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The Brooks 180

Stroud Stairlifts Verdict
Our preferred choice for curved stairs. A slim and versatile track enables this lift to be fitted to the narrowest stairs. Continuing enhancements in design, including the very latest lithium battery technology mean this lift has never been a better buy, new or reconditioned.

What makes this lift special

Fast track fitting service. Can even be installed 'same day' in some instances

What Stroud Stairlifts has to say say about this lift:
  • Neat and attractive design
  • Fits quickly and easily to the stairs, not the wall
  • Requires no structural changes to your home
  • Affordable and reliable with low running costs
  • Folds away conveniently when not in use
The appearance of this lift remains similar to earlier versions, but don't be mistaken, beneath the surface there has been a lot of development and innovation in recent years resulting in further refinement and reliability for it users. read on to find out more:

Designed and manufactured in Britain

The 180 is now powered by the latest maintenance free lithium batteries. (Available even in our reconditioned lifts)

New circuit boards now 'power down' the lift during periods of inactivity or in the event of the lift being accidently turned off reducing the likelihood of breakdowns and callouts

The slim single rail track is neat and clean with all the 'oily bits' carefully concealed out of reach.

A smooth start and stop system means there are no sudden jerks and the quiet movement of the lift means that other members of the household will not be disturbed.

A large and easy to read LED display alerts you to any potential problems such as a power interruption or obstruction on the stairs.

Both new and reconditioned lifts come with the same 12 months warrantee.
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